Black Dollar Days

This event will be one of the many milestones to promote Black Businesses in the Beloit community and to bring awareness to the impact of the Black Dollar. On this day, The Concerned Black Citizens of Beloit will host a black citizens marketstyle exchange. The venue for this portion of the event will be on ….  Read More

Black Business Directory

Have you added your business to the Black Business Directory? If your business is located in the Rock County area, please complete this form and add your business to the Black Business Directory. We’d like to have a directory completed that can be distributed throughout the community. Take advantage of this great opportunity to promote ….  Read More

Join us on Facebook

We’ve launched our Facebook page. Please join our Facebook community. We’ll provide regular updates on our progress, in addition to providing valuable tips and advice Black entrepreneurs can use to develop and scale their business. Head on over to Facebook and join us.